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Related article: Sexual sacrifice Sexxy Vixen © by Lisa woke up, with heavy eyelids as she tries to clear his head dazed. The last thing he remembered was handed a drink at the beginning of the sorority. Her brain gave the order for her to climb, but nothing moved. It took a few minutes before she realized that she was bound. What is happening ? Why am I down? Banda, finally managed to open his eyes, but could see nothing except the blanket over them. " She's awake," said a female voice was somehow familiar. " Well, now we can prepare for the teacher. " hands grabbed the legs and the tapes were released. Once Lolita Pics released, her legs were forced apart and restricted again. Lisa opened her mouth to speak, but would not... In fact, he realized his mouth did not move. "Why keep them tied ? Is that you can not move. " " I do not know how long the drug will be effective and do not want surprises us now that we do What I remember, pleaseI think the drug that produces milk, add to the drink ? " " Yes, of course, I know, I must master. " Tracked feed ? Understanding Lisa tried to do what they said. No, wait! She screamed in his head a bit like the fingers of her pussy. He tried to move, to fight against attempts of the fingers slipped into her tight pussy. n " Oh, the teachers will be very satisfied. She is a virgin. Now not only be able to live in their milk, but also innocent of the blood. " terrible images of what might fill planned Lisa has in mind. As scared as she was in her head, it seemed that none of it, are registered with their bodies. The drug was stable heartbeat, and breathing slowly and evenly. soon discovered the drug does not prevent them from feeling every touch of your skin. hands began to caress her pussy and she realized that rubs after shave their pubic hair wire. the feeling of cold steel on your skin confirmed his thoughts. as the knife slipped over his skin, disseminated through a heathis body. Each touch of the razor out of her pussy sent a shock through them. Oh God, what 's wrong with me? After the shaving was completed, his body was anointed with perfumes and oils heady, and covered with a thin white sheet. Dark As the woman turned off the light and left them alone. Over time, Lisa noticed an increasing heat in your body. Her breasts felt full and swollen and her pussy needs. The medications given were the cause of the desired effect, and his body was full of enthusiasm. sudden light filled the room. "It is time... time to appease Master. " She was from the preparation room to move a cavernous dark space. The flashing lights licked the walls. She was placed on a hard surface, eyes, I see a big mirror on the ceiling above it. The reflection told him he was lying on a stone altar, but nothing more, but his body could be seen. incantations low floating in the air and became stronger as they chante. The voices reached a deafening climax when suddenly a bright flash and thunder filled the room. Smoke rose around it, so it will not be able to see something in the mirror. fear flooding his body and screamed echoed in her head, when the smoke cleared to see that they know what awaited him in the shadows at the foot of the altar. I had the basic shape of a man, but was much larger. The muscular arms ending in sharp claws. The deep black skin was covered with shiny scales. Lisa 's head went mad with fear when he saw the burning demonic face, red eyes and bright and flickering tongue around his mouth... oh, but none of which were the worst... oh no. above the pelvis, two hard cocks. It went from a base, but split soon after. More than any other human males, which were very hard and thick as a soda can. The sheet was removed from his body, and Lisa could not believe how grown breasts. Swollen with milk, they were round and firm and pink peaks loomed before them. "For you, master. In addition to our modest and enjoy their lives to give milk and virgin blood. " He echoed the head Lisa with screams, as the animal climbed onto the table , and much taller than her. His tongue slipped out of his mouth and pulled over a nipple. Undeniable joy flooded coil as he rolled his tongue around her nipples and moving the upper body slightly raised from the table. Her pussy ached need for your lips wrapped around your nipple and sucking tense. After feeding from both breasts of Lolita Pics the devil stood and slid down her body. His tongue fell on her swollen lips and dove through them. Burning passion inside, as it pushes in tight virgin pussy. " The most satisfying thing," said the deep voice of the devil oppressor after his tongue had touched the barrier of her virginity. Attracted and then slid between her cheeks, licking around their anus, before the forces way inside. He wormed and is wrapped around and stretched the narrow channel. is moved over it, pressing his body against hers. His mind was screaming with fear as she pushed the thick head of his cock against the tight opening of her pussy and virgin ass felt. " You are my son. From the moment you become a slave to his desire. Only I can satisfy your cravings. " No, no, no, no... Exquisite pain through her ​​pussy and ass sliced ​​, as he forced his huge cock in their tight holes. Somehow, stretched around him, without breaking. The immeasurable pain and pleasure together, while more advanced mixed in their bodies. A wild and drive of his innocence was shattered when his cock fell full on Lolita Pics her pussy and her ass ripped. When using long last took it, closed his mouth on his chest to back of your milk. Incredible stimulation sent coursing through her ​​body spasmed Lisa over the edge and her body shook uncontrollably and the SunStrous orgasm through her body. The havoc on your body, hitting his cock into her again and again. Finally finished the torture, as he emptied his seed into her body as a guttural roar ripped from his throat. As the seed fills your stomach and intestines a strange burning sensation flooded her body. Even if it only gets torn, his body demanded more. When the tongue touches the pussy licking juices and mixed blood, immediately exploded into another orgasm. As they swam in a faint, his voice echoing in his head: "You belong to me... " Ch sexual sacrifice 02 Sexxy Vixen © by Lisa was awakened when sunlight streamed through the thin yellow curtain hanging from his window. Banging head full when she sat down and a sudden wave of dizziness swept over them. She leaned back for a moment before swimming in his head and tried to climb again, this time slower. When she was awake, she was conscious of a throbbing heat between her legs. The confusion cameher mind as she was shaking, his legs, and small steps to alert your brain to relieve pain, not only participated in the pussy, but her ass too. What will become of me? He asked, that carefully went into the bathroom. Her bare feet silent against the cold tile pad, as he stood before the mirror. Nothing was going to be considered in the mirror of strange tingling sensation racing through her body. She was hyper- aware of a beating in her pussy and ass, and her breasts felt heavy and swollen. Cast your mind back, trying to remember the events of last night, but does not seem much. He recalled going to start and we had a drink, but from there the details grew out of focus. bent and re- send the command out of the tap water polished chrome. Nightgown on the floor, followed by her panties. Naked, he stepped into the soothing hot water and lie against the cold wall of the fiberglass Lolita Pics tub. Put your head against the edge, closed his eyes as the hot bath brought some relief to Lolita Pics the pain between her legs. Without realizing it, began to slide his hands on her glowing skin. When her fingers reached the soft skin of her origin, her eyes widened in shock. "What the fuck ?" Muttered aloud, as his hand felt nothing but bare skin where the hair should have been. "I do not know... I did not. " Her voice trembled with fear ill noise took over his belly. If I violated ? If you did not finish the job, your bathroom, Lisa out of the tub and quickly, the fluffy towel, sending sparks of pleasure racing through her, rubbing his swollen lips dry. Ignoring the rudeness between his legs, ran into the room and pulled. Down the hall, knocked on the door of their new sorority sisters. " Lisa, what's going on ? " Liz asked as she opened the door and found Lisa trembling, his eyes full of fear. " Something happened to me... butI do not know why. I do not remember. " Liz Lisa put her arm around the shoulder and carried her to the room and sat on the bed. " Honey, could you nothing happened. I promise. " " But something has... " " I remember being with you last night? Introduction to... Things got a little wild, yes, but nothing happened. She drank too much, and have helped me to your room and take you to bed. That's it. " ", but... "Lisa embarrassed to talk about something private he fought with terror consumes his body. " I... " " What do you have ? " " Hair... I have no hair. " " Lisa did not make any sense. Of course, hair. " In time, Liz ran her fingers through her ​​luxurious brown hair Lisa. " Pelo nice, I might add. " ", n º... I mean... down there, " his last words faded into a whisper, as he moved n emerald green eyes to her pussy. " Well, that's not much Lisa. Many girls shave their vagina. " " I did not. " " You, of course, why not have your hair? "N " I do not know... but IDo not shave. I would not have even thought of doing that. " The smile of a father to hear a story about a boy who was in Liz 's face. " Prefer not to shave. "She patted her hand reassuringly. " People do crazy things when they are drunk. I bet if I took you to your room and just do not remember, who have spent the night. " Lisa shook her head vehemently. " Why I can not get something to drink? It can help calm him. " Liz disappeared into the room and returned a few minutes later with a steaming cup of coffee. " Thank you. "Lisa took the cup and drank it slowly, the heat of dark brown liquid, which leads with his body and with a sense of calm. " Maybe you're right. I do not remember it, but it's the only explanation, "said Lisa, despite the slight hesitation in his voice suggested he was far from convinced. Delivery of the cup of Liz, she thanked him and returned to his room. with care, she entered the bathroom, as if a mRIGHT jump and grab when she walked through the door. Confirm the suggestion of Liz looked into his eyes as a razor pink and can rest on the edge. The strange thing was spied on, I could have sworn that sit on the shelf above the toilet when you leave the room in a hurry a few minutes before. The decision, the bathroom had begun before, get ready, add hot water in the tub and the warm temperature brought back to comfort level, and again entered the water after removing his clothes. Moist heat wrapped his tired body, as she leaned against the back of the tub. Vague ideas about what they thought should have been a dream last night over his head. feelings of powerful emotion and desire flooded his body, a sudden pain in her full breasts jump. Absently grabbed her and pushed her firm hills, milky pearl drops on nipples that go unnoticed because wet fingers and gently pullingpulsating cocoon. Slowly heat the water calmed the tension in your body, and his eyelids heavy, as they drifted out into a nightmare. " Hello, my bitch," growled a deep voice like a weight on your body down. He opened his eyes and cried. "Hush," he ordered in his tongue out and brushed lightly over her bottom lip. "Soon you get to enjoy my presence. Soon you'll be screaming for me to appear and give you the pleasure of your body craves so badly. " " No," he whispered, as the events of the previous night hurried back with startling clarity. The terror was like ice in his veins, as the weight of his muscular body which prevented him from fighting. " Oh, yes, beautiful," he assured as sharp claws gently pulling on the cheek pale. "They will not help... you are in a position for themselves. " No, no, no, his mind singing over and over again as his forked tongue slid down into the valley of her flat chest and her flat stomach. that DIPPed in the shallow river of your navel, and a shiver of pleasure through her. Below left, and she could not stop the wish that his lips and the tongue of snake coiled around her clit moan spilled. hips pulled up, as an appendix flexible, patted yolk him out of his chest hidden, as the excitement grew. His strong hands gripped her large breasts and she arched against him, as he kneaded, so that the flow of milk. Emaciation, sucked the nipple into her hot mouth and feasted greedily at its core. "Please... " she asked, with the declared intention to stop, but the second word is not in the lips as the tip of its tail forcefully pushed against her tight holes. cried when it was forced roughly into her pussy and ass obscenely around his thick shaft as deeply immersed in it. "Mine," he grunted, as he took the force of their blows up the ass of the softBottom surface of the tub. The burning pain that went through the first penetration of the lower tail in the ass quickly to joy when there is a hungry baby continues on his chest and his cock throbbed in narrow passages. The juices from her pussy cream coated on its axis when it slammed into her pussy. thick pre - cum dripping demonic continuously from the tip of his huge dick head and added much needed lubrication to her cozy anal canal. May oppose the huge waves of pleasure flowing through your body to fight, gave Lisa took her feelings and shapely legs around his scaly body wrap. His submission was so fond of the devil, broke into it, the explosion of the tip of hot cum dripping faucets and large the hole, when he entered his vibrant passages. remaining hard at it, knelt down and unfolded his long tongue, the tip of the fork meanders between its soft folds and lick her hard clit. "Cum for me,"demanded, as he thrust deeply into it. His fingers pinched her nipples and squeezed more milk swollen buds. The combination of hands, keys and the language was something else that could be Lisa, and his mouth open in a silent scream violently, while Lolita Pics his body shook. When they took off their dicks are still used around the holes, bent down and consumption of the mouth with a kiss. "Never forget who you are," he warned, as it dissolves slowly in the air. Lisa sat down with a sigh, his eyes open as cooling water waves sent goose bumps until it cools the skin. "It was a dream, a dream," he sang, shaking his head to remove it from the horrifying images of a demon with his body. When he left the water, he refused to consider the effects of any pain in her pussy and ass. " Just a dream," he repeated, as if to convince themselves that seemed impossible happened treaty.
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